a simple story of soup and sauce

whatever vegetables there were
chopped, spice added and ready for roasting
or dry fried before adding tinned tomatoes
soup blended, and both ready for the freezer
... or lunch

wordpress photochallenge: simple


13 thoughts on “a simple story of soup and sauce

  1. Sooooo impressive!!! Not only have you managed to prepare food for a siege, your kitchen has been sparkling throughout aaaannnndd you have taken photos at each stage!!! Nigella eat your heart out!!!

  2. Funny, we also had fried vegetables this evening. We add some fried eggs to it, and for some reason lost in the mists of time we call it Tunisian Eggs.

    1. I’m not laughing Susan, I’m smiling at anyone asking me, me!, about cooking. I’m the worst! I’d never made soup in my life until the autumn, and this is the only one I make 🙂 It’s tasty, filling and is a weight watchers receipe. I’m pretty sure you can freeze all soups, but I wouldn’t take my word for it!

  3. Even your veg are photogenic. Very impressive. Will you be posting recipes next? Followed by a cookery book and ultimately your own tv show? Like Donal Skehan.

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