I try to take a bit of exercise, in a boring ‘go for a walk’ sort of way. I’ll walk by the river and round the bridges, or through the park. Into town, perhaps. City walking.

I gave up my gym membership. There’s no point really, when I only go to the coffee shop. I don’t play sport. No team has ever wanted me.

Some weeks though, the only exercise I get is when watching tv …


That’s when I bop around the sofa, arms outstretched, playing at being a glamorous surfer.

What do you mean that’s not normal for someone my age?

I’ll never be old enough to stop being silly.


4 thoughts on “exercise

  1. I do a lot of “city walking” as well. It’s unusually interesting right now because everywhere I go I see plants and trees springing to life unexpectedly early. Nature is thoroughly confused by the surprisingly mild winter.

  2. I do camera walking… sometimes I drag a friend along with me! 😉
    My house dancing skills are coming on a treat. The sounds of a Swing Band bounce off the walls while I bounce around the floor. It is a great way to keep warm. 😆

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