Well, are you thinking of Jung, Sidey, or Sting?

More into pop than psychology round these parts, Synchronicity is the name of a 1983 album by The Police. It contains one of their best known songs, one that gives me the creeps, Every Breath You Take.

I had liked The Police; pop with a edge, but not too sharp an edge for my delicate teenage ears. They played the first concert Spurs Fan ever went to, in 1981. He had such fun he went to see the Synchronicity tour in 1983. That was so good he went to see them a third time.

Unfortunately, that was on the comeback make lots of money tour some years ago. He had me with him. I was cold and tired. Presumably for dull contractual reasons to do with band members hating each other and needing to make equal claims to fame, the boppy pop songs had added long guitar solos. Very long guitar solos. I was bored. Our B&B was quite a bit away. Not one of our better nights out.

At the 1981 concert, Spurs Fan saw this video for the first time. The song had been top of the charts for weeks, but the video had been banned because of its ‘political’ commentary. Northern Ireland wasn’t all shades of grey in 1981, but it was tense. Spurs Fan could never have imagined making that place his home, a place to bring up his family.


Despite the rubbish night out, I’m glad he came here, found the colour, and decided to stay.

View from the side: weekend theme- Synchronicity

4 thoughts on “synchronicity

  1. Shiver. That’s shocking. A reminder of how rubbish it was. Haven’t seen that video before. The not very good old days.

    Did you know Sting was married to a Tomelty who went to Rathmore school in Dunmurry?

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