I’m not at all sporty, but there is a lot of sport watched in our house. Mostly I’m behind a book at the time, but not on Sunday.

This time I was agog. I held my breath. I gawped in awe. Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal were battling it out, like gladiators, for the Australian Open title. They played for nearly six hours. Think of that. Six hours of full on energy, focus, sheer determination. Of challenge and tactics and just not being beaten. A war of attrition.

I only saw about an hour of it, but that was tennis that will not be forgotten. There was a 32 stroke rally that ended with Djokovic on the floor, the crowd on their feet, and me releasing my breath. Incredible.

I have the legally required soft spot for Nadal, but this match transcended that. It stopped mattering who won. It was simply a joy to watch sportsmen at the top of their game.

Well, if you insist…

all images from zimbio 


4 thoughts on “combat

  1. I’m certainly impressed by the Nadal pics!! I am also an armchair fan of this sort of breathtaking tennis, and Nadal is absolutely my favourite exponent of this sort of showcasing. But it does rather make one’s own (very) occasional forays into the realms of fitness and physical endeavour look paltry and pale!

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