birthday party







Catching up

High heels

Nail varnish


 Me, Lazy Mc Grump, up dancing and singing along. (In ‘car to bar’ heels. It’s a relief there were no injuries)

Sometimes, I need the oldies (very important edit: that is, the old songs) to get me on the dancefloor. Then I won’t sit down again.


Spurs Fan was at home. He’d never have coped with the mortification.


13 thoughts on “birthday party

  1. Well retrieved Speccy! I thought the oldies referred to us & especially Xtrekki who got you up dancing. But of course, it was the music. Nice to hear the Bay City Rollers again.

    1. I’m with Kileen – I immediately thought you meant xtrekki too! For a nano second I thought about being offended then remembered that I wasn’t dancing!! But agree ‘well retrieved’!!

    1. We had a good night Janie, but the celebrations were not mine. A friend was marking her 60th, but the rest of us are MUCH younger than that (see above) 🙂

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