anxiety, hope, recovery- looking forward to the weekend?

This is the weekend. Test results weekend. The weekend when we discover if Girl1 has a chance of going to the school she wants to go to. The weekend when we find out if the extra work, anxiety and parental guilt were worth it.

The post will arrive on Saturday lunchtime. Before that there is football, dancing, grocery shopping, anything to keep us distracted and out of the house. We may even relent and buy a new pair of heavy Irish dancing shoes; Girl2 was distressed last week to discover that her shoes are so worn that they hardly count as ‘heavy’- she’d have made as much noise dancing in trainers.

It won’t all be stress and trauma; we’re heading to stay in a fancy hotel (with a swimming pool!) on Saturday. There’ll be eating out, and exploring to do. The girls have been very excited all week. Hotel rooms! Swipey cards for keys! All of us in one room! Can we get room service? Does the swimming pool have slides? Can we swim in the morning as well?

We’re all looking forward to this nonsense being over- this week alone Girl1 has been sleepwalking, Spurs Fan has examined the booklets and put in sticky labels until he’s gone cross eyed, even I have dreamt about doing the tests. Worst of all, Girl2 has had nightmares about Girl1 going missing. No matter how much we’ve tried to downplay this, how much we’ve been reassured that she’ll be grand at any of the schools on our list, the subconcious is telling a different tale.

We hope that she does well enough to get a chance of getting into her favoured school. We hope she is not disappointed. We hope an afternoon of swimming and lazing in a different place will lift her spirits if need be.

She’s a resilient soul, with plans of world domination. May this weekend be remembered only as a fun step on the way.

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8 thoughts on “anxiety, hope, recovery- looking forward to the weekend?

  1. Not easy for any of you, It still angers me that this cruel system still operates all these later. Thinking of Girl1, and all the 10-11year olds for tomorrow. You’re good parents, don’t forget it. It’s not your fault that you have to negotiate your way through that nightmare.

  2. I have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed for tomorrow. Mind you, I’m having to type with my numb nose!! In ten years time who will ask Girl1 if she passed the Transfer/11+/Whatamecallit! Have a great weekend

  3. Now, you have no more suspense, but you have left readers in it! Did she? Didn’t she? How did she take whatever? Will she settle for domination of only part of the world? 🙂

    1. She is not disappointed 🙂 She should get to the school of her choice- plans for world domination proceed apace. The post arrived earlier than expected, so I had to phone her with the results. ‘Oh. Cool.Thanks’ Then she started jumping up and down when she got home 🙂

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