Pitching a memoir

Bookmark that, a memoir

by Speccy McSpec

The tale of how an exhausted middle aged woman used the internet to cope with major life changes:

* beauty websites- no, she didn’t look ten years younger

* health websites- depressing as all get out

* parenting websites- maybe she was just odd?

Discover how she learned to cope with blogging, bereavement and lacking the energy to find out what ‘monetise’ involves.

Just how did this frumpy, unemployed, everywoman become a well known humourist, advocate for those with rare diseases, and wife of Liam Neeson?

Do major film stars really use internet dating sites?

What happened to Speccy and Spurs Fan? How did he end up with Kylie Minogue?

How did Girl1 become President of Ireland at 24?

What role did the internet play in Girl2’s ballet career?

Prepare to LOL, ❤ and CRBT



Write on Edge: remembeRED prompt: sell us your memoir in 200 words or less. In the interests of full disclosure, it must be said that everything from ‘become a’ to ‘Prepare’ is fiction. I know you’re shocked by that.

Pic of lovely Liam, and other fun info here


9 thoughts on “Pitching a memoir

  1. Ooh, I look forward to this memoir, it looks as if it’ll be very entertaining. And spicy. And scandalous. And shocking. Hurry up and finish it, I’m on the edge of my seat already. And of course it’ll be fiction. Do you mean there are some memoirs that tell the truth?

    1. Oh Speccy I love it!!! Please remember that you knew me before life with Liam and still invite me to your soirees – because clearly that’s what you’d be having – rather than plain old ‘friends round’ evenings!!
      I’m not so au fait with the shorthand though so can you interpret ❤ and CRBT please?

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