my first

I’d been thinking about it for months.

The only way to learn was by doing, but could I do that?

What if I did it ‘wrong’?

Would I be told?

Was I ready to make that sort of commitment?

What if it didn’t work out?

How could I save face?

Could I face the ignominy, the public humiliation?


I took a deep breath, and pressed the ‘create blog’ button.

My first blog post.



Sidey’s weekend prompt: my first …


8 thoughts on “my first

  1. I forgot to add – congratulations! Not only that – but this during the year you have also become a media star and spokesperson for a previously unsung cause. That’s what I call overcoming anxieties!!

  2. Kudo’s. I would have thought you’ve been at ‘it’ for years. Why, your still a young’n.

    Enabling WP was easy for me, it was the dam ‘PUBLISH’ button which kept me awake at night.

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