half term

It’s not quite spring, but there are window boxes.

It’s not school time, but there are educational visits happening.

It’s not in those leagues, but we went to see The Muppets.


It’s funny, full of pathos, and enjoyably postmodern. A bit cheesey at times, but that’s ok.

You don’t need to bring a child, just go and enjoy.


12 thoughts on “half term

  1. I wish I had a hook thing to dispose of all those irritating public figures who insist on polluting the airwaves. Or just a gag to stop the endless flow of vacuous waffle from politicians and chat-show hosts (and guests).

  2. Half term is that what we refer to as ‘Spring Break’?

    Last night, The Muppets was an option, chose Safe House with Denzel Washington instead. I was proud of myself afterwards; as I didn’t have an urge to shoot, mame, murder or torture.

    1. Hudson, the school year has 3 terms. Each term has a half term break, which could be a week or just a day or two. Not all schools take them at the same time. The autumn term break is at Hallwe’en and the summer term break is some time in May. Spring term lasts from January until Easter and so the break could be in Feb or March, depending on how late Easter is. Confused?

  3. I’m there šŸ™‚ These guys were a staple of my childhood and as far as I am concerned they can do no wrong….although if we’re being purist I love Sesame Street most of all.

    I love The Count.

  4. A mate went yesterday with her young son. Every time Miss Piggy appeared, he happily started singing E-i-e-i-o. The woman in the seat in front kept looking round and giving him dirty looks.
    Dear oh dear.
    Apart from her they really enjoyed the film though.

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