window shopping

When I came to live in Belfast, back in the dark ages, the world was a different place. I was rarely in the city centre, which closed down and had the big gates locked up about 5pm. There was the whole security thing going on, where we got frisked and had bags checked going into each shop. Luckily, I wasn’t a big ‘shopper’.

I’m still not a big shopper, if it means going to shops. Serious shopping is done on the internet. When I go into town it’s to potter about nice shops, browsing. That’s not to say I won’t come away with something unnecessary, but I rarely have plans.

Time has changed Belfast city centre. Not only do we have a full range of UK ‘high street’ shops, we’ve got some of the pretty, ridiculous, but oh so lovely ones too. A quick nosey tells me these are ‘premium’ brands. These are the shops I browse in, for good or bad.

The very lovely Irish shop Avoca, what Spurs fan calls ‘your shop, Paperchase‘, 70s style White Stuff, when I grow up I’m going to wear Jigsaw clothes, if I was a cook I’d shop in Le Creuset, and now we have the queen of floral patterns, Cath Kidson. In a shocking, yet convenient move, all these shops are in the one street. It’s about 35 mins walk from the house. Avoca has a café, especially designed for meeting friends in. What’s a girl to do? (clue: the answer is not ‘walk a different route’)

They offer items we don’t need, but can’t walk past.

Maybe I should buy an iPad, just because I could get a pretty case for it?


12 thoughts on “window shopping

  1. A toyboy sounds exciting….As for meeting friends – Avoca should surely be avoided during Lent?? Or is that the only time to go into it? When resisting temptation is uppermost in one’s mind??

  2. Avoca is a wonderful shop. And don’t forget the massive and swanky new arts centre that’s going to open in April in the Cathedral Quarter. With yet another tempting café….

  3. I’m extremely tempted to order a bath hat from Cath Kidson. Not something I see around these parts. And it would be tough to leave Paperchase without buying something.

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