the week that was

My brain may begin to work again soon; I do hope so because I have loads to write about.

Confirmation and an unexpectedly cool bishop.

Our temporary housekeepers, kitchen staff and gardeners, Nana and Grandad.

The films that will eventually make it on to the NIRDP website.

The first potentially huge crisis.

The second potentially huge crisis.

Interviews with the papers.

The brief presentation.

The longer presentation.

Talking and talking and talking and talking.

Bacon butties.

The Minister for Health, twice.

The cake pigeon.

A development in the Olympic Torch relay saga.

Also, oops, eating.

I’ll be back, eventually.


8 thoughts on “the week that was

  1. Well you look like you’re thriving on the full agenda! And – it is pretty good to have the live-in helpers about the place too!! (Although time limited is probably good for that!)

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