for the stylish amongst us

This is too good not to share. S has introduced me to badness before, and this is a typical fun example.

Stylish people with a sense of humour, let me introduce you to domesticsluttery. If you knew about it already, and didn’t tell me- why would you do that? I thought we were friends. You know I couldn’t resist anything with the tag line ‘the home and lifestyle blog for women with better things to do‘. (Yes, I agree, ‘people’ may have been a better choice than ‘women’, but then again there’s an awful lot in there about tea cups and bags and cushions…)

This wonderful example lead me to thiscostabomb.

As of yet (bear in mind S just told me about it this morning) domesticsluttery hasn’t lead me spend money. But it will. Just how long am I meant to resist these gems?

 from joyofexfoundation

It’s probably a good thing that I’m not well enough to earn money- the house would be chaotic and ‘stylish’ (I have no taste) and Spurs Fan would hate it.


20 thoughts on “for the stylish amongst us

  1. The title of your post almost made me feel ‘left out in the cold and lonely’ , but curiosity got the best of mean and I read on. Glad I did. A morning chuckle -a big heaps thanks.

    1. Do you think all bookclubs are like ours? Not as glam of course 😉 but more interested in socialising? Are there serious, worthy bookclubs?


  2. I love your blog…and you love ….my website! Thanks a zillion…at the moment we are sending out free gifts with every order…woohoo!

    1. Warning: only read that website when there is neither a glass of wine nor a credit card handy.
      Never follow the links if you need cheering up- expense lies ahead 🙂

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