school assembly

For weeks there has been regular practice. Heads have been turned. By 7.35  this morning, there had been two different tunes (below) played endlessly on tin whistle, and a hornpipe danced in heavy shoes out the back. Then the trumpet came out.

Most of this was in aid of a school assembly to mark St Patricks’ day. Parents were invited to attend- to watch the teeny people wearing carefully coloured in shamrock hats, the slightly bigger people wearing glittery handmade shamrock badges, and the bigger still people performing. A recitation, lots of tin whistling, some dancing and a little singing. Also, some chaos.

I’m sure Patrick would feel right at home…

Only one of the following statements is true. Which one?

  • We will all be wearing aran jumpers and peaked caps tomorrow.
  • The 1798 rebellion is only remembered because of one of these songs.
  • One person in this house will be supporting England rather than Ireland in the rugby on St Patrick’s day.

8 thoughts on “school assembly

  1. I’m guessing at the third one, though I don’t know why.
    After watching England’s display against France last week I’m thinking of watching today’s game from behind the couch.

    1. Indeed he was, but he was kind and tactful about the overwhelming English victory. I’m ashamed to say that I’m not so supportive when Ireland beat England … He is the better person, despite supporting the wrong team.

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