Saturday afternoon culture

Just across the bridge from here is a top local theatre. Minutes away. After rebuilding and a grand reopening, it’s been back in action for almost a year. I go to the cafe regularly. It’s a great spot to bring visitors- more a gentle stretch than a walk- with good coffee, snacks and views along the river. It’s full of nooks and crannies and odd levels; Girl1 and Girl2 love to explore.

Finally, last week, I made it to an actual play. With actors, scenery and the like. I remembered that this is something I enjoy; falling into another world, a compelling non reality, an admiration of skill and style.

L and I went to the Lyric theatre’s production of Uncle Vanya. Neither of us knew what to expect. Tragedy? Comedy? Worthy, undoubtedly. I was looking forward to seeing actors Conleth Hill and Ian McElhinney, but was impressed also by Siobhan McSweeny as Sonya, who had great joy, sadness and resilience.

for Herself

We saw the struggle of the everyday; people worn down by their roles, roles they no longer wanted. Family dramas and expectations. What friends do. Climate change. There was excitement and disappointment and laughter and grief and sorrow. A shooting. A big shiny samovar,  sleigh bells and fabulous, minimalist panels of scenery reflecting the seasons in the wooded plantation.

I’m going to the theatre more often.


9 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon culture

  1. Theater is my favorite entertainment, Fiona. It’s best when something goes wrong, and the actors have to cover it. I’ve had it happen to me onstage numerous times. Always a rush of adrenaline.

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