run, Spurs Fan, run


Oh, the excitement! Spurs Fan will be running with the Olympic Torch as part of the London 2012 torch relay.

Nana and Grandad are coming back: they have already printed out all the maps in all the sizes. The official website has been scoured for nuggests of information. We’re getting quite expert in the double layer design of the torch. There’ll be practising of ‘passing on the flame’, hopefully without burning down the house.

It’s great to see Spurs Fan’s contribution to junior sport recognised in this way. Early mornings and cold nights, smelly kits, a garage full of equipment for two different sports. Coaching meetings and qualifications. Regular child protection training. He works long hours to enable little folk to take part in sport, to learn skills, to learn how to compete, to experience success and to cope with losing. He coaches for the local soccer club and the local Gaelic football club, and does all the same stuff after hours for the children at his school. His contribution has mostly been respected and valued, but it’s wonderful to have this recognition. We always knew he was a star; now everyone who checks the website can know that too.

In truth though, we’ve I’ve had great fun with the uniform. Yes, baggy white and gold clothes will flatter everyone…

Spurs Fan had been hoping to get garments he could wear again- the suggestions  “at the 80’s disco” or “maybe as lounge wear on an old people’s cruise” were not so popular.

Two UK icons of the past came to mind.

S (whose dad is also running) reminded us of Jimmy.

Jimmy Savile, in fetching gold

But, because of the range of musical opportunities available, I’m preferring George and Andrew.


I’m so glad I filled in that nomination.


11 thoughts on “run, Spurs Fan, run

  1. There can’t be two people who deserve this more than Spurs fan and S’s father. Big congratulations to both on this huge honour. And lots of commiserations on the uniforms. The horror, the horror… I cannot wait to see this.
    Well done you as well on the nominating!!!!

  2. Can we follow him somehow online when he carries it? How exciting. I’ve never *almost* known someone who’s carried the Olympic torch before. Congratulations to Spurs Fan. (I personally think a leisure suit is the way to go……..)

  3. I once saw the Olympic Torch pass by…sadly I’ve forgotten which Olympics! I don’t know how I could forget that. But it was a wonderful thing to witness! And this is even more thrilling, Fiona! I hope it will be filmed…it should be! If so, do share again 🙂 Debra

  4. 😀
    Thank you everyone- Spurs Fan is so chuffed at all your support!
    There will be many pictures, and some video, and route maps, and autographs, some burbling and much crying (he’ll do the running; Nana and I will do the crying).
    Clear your diaries now for Tuesday 5 June!

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