walk a bit, run a bit

Not if you’re me of course; I only walk. Girl1 only runs. Spurs Fan prefers to run, but keeps getting slowed down by responsibility. Girl2 runs enthusiastically, then grinds to a halt and wonders if she needs an ambulance.

There were lots of people out on Sunday- wheeling, walking, wobbling, running, skipping, toddling. All smiling. Most were out for a mile, but the fitter folk were doing 3 or 6 miles. It was the Sport Relief mile, a national charity fundraising event.

There was a jazz band, a youth choral society singing Calamity Jane songs (yes, of course I joined in) adding atmosphere and fun, and fitness instructors from a chain of gyms doing a warm up. A semi proper gym warm up. I remembered why I don’t do gyms.

A countdown from the mayor, a DJ and a weather woman, and off we went. A wander through the town before the shops opened. Pottering around, noticing.


All that fun, and a medal at the end! Maybe I’m an athlete.


17 thoughts on “walk a bit, run a bit

  1. Ah. It is nice to meet my kindred spirit in Girl2. I also can run a few paces with enthusiasm and then collapse in need of medical assistance. 🙂

    Glad you got out, Fiona, on such a gorgeous day.

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