I thought I hadn’t treated you to any music recently, so I moseyed off to YouTube to explore. There’d been something on the radio I hadn’t heard in ages, what was that?

Now, the regular reader knows that I’m easily distracted…

Exciting, eh? Six minutes of watching the needle on the record, the disc spinning. Really? Somebody made a video of this?Β It’s a bit like the Saturday afternoon programmes where we can watch people watching football matches on tv, but not see the football matches ourselves. It’s essentially radio on a screen. Odd, but presumably making money for somebody.

On the other hand, I got to give a history of music recording to a girl, who now has an 80s style ear worm. Don’t you?

The joys of distraction.


8 thoughts on “really?

    1. Andra, it’s an effort to not post music every day!
      Look below, Grannymar is back- helped by your WordPress commenting posts. You are an international bloggy superhero πŸ™‚

  1. OK, Fiona…here’s a good one for you! I’m listening to the track, and my husband just walked in and asked me what I was listening to, telling me he liked it! Being distracted you’ve given us a nice musical interlude πŸ™‚ Also, did you notice the advertisement that popped up for the radio station? I’m going to give it a try…oh what we do to keep ourselves amused. (My husband is still chuckling). Debra

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