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Alternative title for this post “what Dawnriser’s Phd research is really about”


13 thoughts on “birdsong

  1. Hi! (in the local aggrieved sense, rather than the international greeting sense – maybe that should be Hye!). This is my turf! Get off!

    Oh THAT’s what they’re singing about ….

    Oh and thanks for this and the heads up, I should say. I’m just further aggrieved that you found it first!

  2. Love ‘hot like me’ too. However I have been reading Dawnriser. Not fair that you can write so well and sooooo observant. I am wondering why anyone would put a step slap bang in the middle of a bus; have been wondering even more so since Monday. Just one more thing. What’s 4.30am?

    1. Dawnriser knows better than to get me to write for her blog!- wouldn’t it be wonderful to write like that? She’s a proper poet too.
      Do you remember a time when 4.30am it was bedtime?
      I’m wildly curious about the bus with a step in it- is it like a split level? I hope you didn’t do yourself any damage.

  3. You brought back memories – sneaking into the house in the early hours of the morning trying not to get caught. A great night had by all and even the ‘sneaking in’ bit was, on hindsight, a thrill. Distant memories – miss the buzz of the disobedient teenager phase (without being a terrible person). Now that I can do as I like, within the law, I don’t have the motivation to meander home at 4.30am. Same as most people I suppose – we become more like those people whose doors we crept past all those years ago. More buses are split level now. I was fine; just got a shock and traveled up the aisle a lot faster than anticipated.

  4. More likely they’re sympathising with us poor long-suffering humans. “Poor things, they have to keep getting dressed, going to work, going to the supermarket and paying the mortgage and all we have to do is dig up a few worms, fly around and admire the scenery. Aren’t we the lucky ones?”

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