Artemis Fowl

You all read this 10 years ago didn’t you? Well, I’ve been busy with, um, er, children and sickness and life and, um, the internet, you were reading about Junior Master Criminal himself. Artemis Fowl is twelve, and a criminal genius; the latest in a long line of supercriminals. The interpol file marked ‘Fowl’ is equivalent in size to half a library. Hefty stuff.

You found about about fairies and dwarves and trolls. You know the power of magic. You know about LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance squad). How could you keep LEPrecon from me?

While I thought I was keeping up with the zeitgeist by reading a few Harry Potter books, you were laughing and keeping Artemis Fowl to yourselves. Ha! No more! Down with that sort of thing. I’m on to you now! I’m getting more of the series. You can’t stop me!


9 thoughts on “Artemis Fowl

  1. I adore Artemis! I stayed away from him for a while because I wasn’t necessarily keen on the initial description – but they had me at LEPrecon. I have the last book on preorder so that it will arrive as soon as it is available. (I believe my daughter is somewhat smitten with Artemis.)

    1. Maybe I’m lucky to be discovering him so late, when I have a whole series available to read (assuming I’ll not have got through them all too far ahead of the release of the last one).

  2. Other than the title I am NOT familiar. I just love it, however, when I get started on a series and cannot put it down. I am afraid that hasn’t happened for me in a long time. Somewhere along the line I let go of fiction and read mostly non-fiction. There is no grand design here, it has just been that way for a while. I miss the page turning-looking forward to what comes next with good solid fiction. I need to think about my bad habits! 🙂 Debra

    1. Oh Debra, I’d be lost without fiction. I like to escape the real world. Preferably on the sofa, beside the fire, with wine. Although, with reading, it really can be anytime any place anywhere!

  3. Yes, you should, Tilly (I may go back to your blog and say that).

    I read them back when the kids were reading them and loved them. Sorry for keeping them from you, Spec, I was afraid you’d elope with the author and we wouldn’t get any more books.

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