properly awesome

We all have them.

The days when we don’t want to , or can’t, get out of bed.

The days when other people are annoying.

The days when we’re sore and tired and miserable. And bored with it.

The days when we need a kick in the butt, or a healthy shot of inspiration.

I know I will never, in my wildest dreams, be able to do what this woman, 40 years my senior, can do.

But I can watch and wonder and dream.


with thanks to grannymar for the link


17 thoughts on “properly awesome

  1. Oh my goodness! I can’t imagine, but I do admire! Maybe not gymnastics, but what else can do for the next 26 years to at least be active and strong at 86! One more time–WOW! Debra

  2. But sure aren’t they having fun??? Aren’t they enjoying themselves? A wee interest just keeps the mind alert and the keeps them independent for sooo much longer! (Otherwise they’d be sitting alone at home watching daytime tv!)

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