it’s happened

In truth, it’s been happening for a while.

There have been the comments on my appearance. (Most gallingly, “Are you Ann?”)

I’ve heard myself speak, and realised that I sound like the @irishmammies twitter feed: “Oh it’s lovely I know, but you’d no more at it LOOK at it and it would get dirty”; “You can take away the other sections but I’ll hold on to The Culture if you don’t mind. It’s handy for the telly”. (If you use Twitter and don’t follow @irishmammies, you’re missing a gem, especially when she and @mariankeyes get together…)

The other day I was all excited when the postman brought me my new shoes. They’re not flat! (They’re not high obviously, I need to be able to walk.) Just enough of a heel to edge my legs towards average length. They can occupy that middle gound between winter boots and flip flops. Also, they’re red.

I bought a pair of red shoes for everyday wear.

It has finally happened.

Yes, I have turned into my mother.


29 thoughts on “it’s happened

  1. So – this says she must have been great – like the shoes. Genes being what they are, I don’t even have to buy shoes, I catch a sight of myself in a shop window, anywhere, and its like seeing her all over again now that the age takes away the differences in style (or my lack of it maybe). No harm in having a good role model is there – even when you miss her. xx Elspeth

    1. Yes, I’m hoping I may finally develop style! I spent many years defiantly not being interested in beautifying or fashion, and then it seemed a bit too late to learn, but maybe I’m just a very slow learner 🙂

  2. Me too! Recently I chopped my hair off again. Ad though I’ve had it short before and I have always looked a lot like both parents…this time was different. This time when I look at photos even I have to admit I don’t just look a little like my mum, Iook the spitting image of her!

    1. I used to look more like my dad, but I’ve aged more like my mum- probably something to do with my hair having gone having white/ blonde rather than simply going …

  3. Love my genes (even the wonky ones) because of where they came from. Wear your genes and your red shoes with pride. Need to motivate myself to get out of my imitation laced zip up comfortable old flat boots but very fond of them.

    1. 20 years ago I’d have been horrified to resemble my mother too closely; now I’m grasping for some of her style, confidence and grace. Getting older is just weird.

  4. You must never say you’ve turned into your mother. Self-fulfilling prophecies and all that. You may resemble your mother in a few ways but mostly you’re very different. Hold on to your uniqueness!

    Anyway, I love the shoes, whichever generation they represent. You have wonderful taste!

  5. Hang on girl! ALL my life I was told I looked like my mother. I suppose I had the same thin face and frame that she had. She greets me every time I pass a mirror. At least I have the war paint to hide some lines. Now red shoes……. Hmmm!

  6. I love red shoes, too, Fiona! And at least you’re your mother…MY mother, at 80, is still amazingly stylish. I have never seen her leave the house looking like I so often do…like I just stepped from the garden. I also wear floppy hats a lot to protect my skin, which adds another whole layer of quirky to my appearance. The other day my daughter lovingly and with humor called attention to how much I looked like my grandmother. We did love her, but I don’t think it was a compliment. I do clean up nicely, however…I just need a reason to do so! I’m only learning how to follow tweets…but I’m adding the nannies to my short list 🙂 Debra

  7. You already have her style, confidence & grace….and now you have red shoes. I love these shoes. How high are the heels? i’m very interested in these shoes as potential summer wear.

  8. Is there a need for middle ground between flip flops and winter boots, though? Isn’t it still ugg boot weather? (Well – I for one am back to good ol’ fur boots!)

    1. The proof will be in the walking… They’re comfy pottering about and with a wee drive, but I could yet be crippled by a 20 min walk 🙂

  9. When I go into the bathroom early in the morning, in the half-light just before I switch the light on I see my dad’s face looking out of the mirror at me.

    1. It should be. I can just imagine her watching me with some relief that all her good efforts with me didn’t go totallyto waste ‘Finally!’

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