nearly never did

two tales from last week

I nearly went on a walk, along the river, all the way into town.

I nearly took photographs of flowers and ducks, trees and sculpture.

I nearly called into the Waterfront Hall to look at the scary dancers.

I nearly went on a barge to explore a ‘frock around the dock’ vintage event.

I nearly got caught up in titanic fever, all because of the 105 year old man who saw the launch  of the ship and was there at the opening of the new centre.

I nearly had another look at the charm bracelet I’m pondering.

Instead, I did the “taking leaden limbs and woolly head to bed” thing, away from the distractions and the sun, and tried not to let the noise of other people doing annoying things, like walking, or talking, or breathing, get to me too much. (Needless to say NextDoor working in the garden and TheOtherSide’s children screaming playing was nearly too much.) Sometimes the darkened room needs to be quiet too.

pictures from Belfast City Council

The next day I dragged myself out of bed, and was able to walk up the hill to the Monday morning weigh in. For months, I’ve been thinking that I have lost ‘nearly’ two stone. Long, frustrating, motivation sapping months. No longer. The motivation is back. I have lost 29lbs and I’m still going the right direction. Yay me! I have shed more than twice what I have still to lose; I can do it. Slowly, and with set backs, but I will do it. No more ‘nearly’.

my sort of exercise

picture from 1975, here


6 thoughts on “nearly never did

  1. Admirable effort! It’s an on-going issue for so many of us! I lost a lot of weight a few years ago (Weight Watchers) and was quite proud of myself. I struggle like the Dickens with keeping it off…but then again, we struggle with all sorts of things, don’t we! All I need to say is Good for YOU! And I sincerely mean that! Debra

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