do you know what it is yet?

The Titanic was built in Belfast.  2012 marks the centenary of its voyage. For the city, this is a marketing opportunity. Visitors are expected from all over the world to experience virtual Belfast in 1912. There are t shirts and books and key rings and fridge magnets. I’ve taken to trying to spot billboards that make no reference to the ship. Girl1 has been working on a Titanic project for school. There are all sorts of television programmes and websites to explore.

And there are balloons. You can never go wrong with balloons. Even the grumpy middle aged cynic lightens up when there are balloons.


8 thoughts on “do you know what it is yet?

  1. And I can only hope that some of these key chains and bits and pieces hit the U.S. so I can buy in! I’ll keep my eye on ebay…Can’t help myself. Working on a post myself about Titanic…went to a great exhibit in Las Vegas. Wish I could breathe in some of the excitement there in Belfast! Debra

  2. Very exciting to have the Experience on your doorstep! Dad’s a morse buff and he’s working a Titanic morse site which has been set up specially. Everyone’s talking about it….

  3. I have a Titanic fridge magnet. My husband and I saw the Titanic exhibit at the natural history museum in San Diego. It was definitely worth seeing! An amazing job of restoring those bits and pieces they were able to bring up from the depths.

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