mr jobs is spinning

Did you hear the one about the woman who got a smart phone and then couldn’t work it?

She went for the fancy phone because they’re easy to use. Fool proof. Intuitive. Wee buns.

First, she lost some numbers. That meant texts went to landlines and caused hilarity. Hmm.

In attempting to add numbers, she kept calling people by mistake and couldn’t figure out how to end the call. That was a bit embarrassing, but her well known incompetence saved some blushes.

After a few weeks, she was feeling very comfortable with the phone, if only she could get it to, well, ring.

Yes, there were emails and texts and the wholewideworld at her fingertips, but she kept missing phone calls. The volume was up loud- maybe the children were changing it by mistake when playing Temple Run? Maybe the piano riff tone is too subtle to be heard? Subtley was not the woman’s normal style. Maybe it was her hearing?

All the settings were as they should be. It just didn’t make any noise.

Her husband suggested she bring it back to the shop, but she knew that would only lead to one thing- utter humiliation.

Finally, she gave the phone and the instructions to her children and demanded that they sort it out. The youngest, diligent, took the book and wondered how she was ever going to read it all. The eldest, problem solver and avoider of books when possible, decided to press all the buttons. What happens if I press this big silver button on the side?


Sorry, Steve.


22 thoughts on “mr jobs is spinning

  1. I have thought of trading in my 5 year old cell phone. Notice I spoke in the past tense. I thought about it just long enough to try and make a call on Leif’s spiffy new Android phone. It took me 10 minutes. I decided I don’t need that kind of stress.

    1. Thank you for that, Andra! When Girl1 pointed it out to me, there was a vague stirring in the back of my mind..’Oh, I think the shop guy told me about that…’

  2. Just a few days ago, I thought aloud when my geek son was around that perhaps I should junk my old handset and get myself a smart phone. Prompt came the quip. “Smart phones are for smart people dad!”. I have decided to let thought remain in the thought space.

  3. Life was easy when we had only on great big black monstrosity that weighed a tonne and was connect up just inside the front door. Brrrrr! the Bl**dy cold in winter with gales whipping in under the door. šŸ˜‰

  4. Hehe! It takes me a minimum of two years to learn how to use a new phone, by which time the Hub is telling me I need a new one, having dropped it, bashed it, sat on it and lost it.

    1. I drowned a phone, and that was a real pain. I won’t get a chance to drown this one, as the girls are using it as a toy as much as I’m using it.

  5. It’s always a laugh when some odd unnatural voice leaves a message on your landline answering machine and you realise who the sender really was.

  6. Don’t you just love it when “they” say it’s intuitive? Clearly not…I have my own dilemma. My son broke up with a long-time girlfriend a year and a half ago. I’m terrified I’ll end up calling her by mistake, and I can’t figure out how to delete her number. Every time I try to delete someone else I end up calling them. I’m tempted to take it into the Apple store and let them do it! I sympathize with your dilemma, and also feel just a little bit better knowing I’m not alone! Debra

    1. Debra, I’m happy to share my incompetence! If you go to the screen where you can edit a contact (by clicking on the wee arrow at the right on the contacts list- the Brother showed me that one) there’s a big red button at the bottom of that screen labelled ‘delete contact’. that may do the job.

  7. Fiona – welcome to the “need to be smartfone” gang – all uphill from here -you know my struggle with said xmas pressie !!

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