a birthday party

Some people do themes.

Some people bring the whole class.

The McSpecs do neither. For years our m.o. has been to bring three friends (what our car can carry) to a soft play place and let all 5 run loose for a few hours. We feed them there, in the middle of the chaos. Eventually we bring them back to ours, give them cake, and send them on their way. It works for us. Fun, games, mess somewhere else.

So on Friday past, we planned to load up the car with the usual suspects and set off to the seaside. The weather had been pleasant, so extra walking on the beach was scheduled.

The morning news was full of traffic accidents caused by torrential rain and sleet. Well, of course. I’d just bought a deckchair. What else was the weather going to do?

not that day

We drove round gathering children on our way. The car was a riot of Converse, Hollister and noisy phones. Then, the added rattle. A distinct lack of oomph from the car. Practically going backwards when trying to go uphill.

A birthday treat for Girl1- a trip to the garage with all her friends. Aren’t we good?

Sidey’s weekend theme: Friday 13th

pictures from the bbcΒ and flickr


15 thoughts on “a birthday party

  1. Sounds a riot, Fiona πŸ˜€ Hope everyone got a turn in the inspection pit….and also that your poorly car is feeling much, much better. Did you at least make it home to The New Bedroom for cake?

    1. It all turned out well, just a much longer day than planned! The mechanic was working his magic while we did frappacinos, cake and The New Bedroom. The car is well; the bank balance less so.

    1. We were hyper and the girls were as happy as Larry! Luckily, the postponement was only for a few hours, so we got it over and done with πŸ™‚

    1. She had great fun showing off The New Bedroom, and just being with her friends. It was during the school holidays, so I think she was a bit sick looking at us πŸ™‚

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