and all I got was his taste in music


Way back in time, when I was recently separated and wondering about life from the sofa, beside the fire (my methods haven’t changed, it seems), late night TV reintroduced me to The Band. The next day I went out and bought the featured album (shopping methods have changed).

I did know about The Band- the old man had recorded the film The Last Waltz and chortled at the druggy stage of Neil Young and others, while loving the music and Emmylou. Naturally when I was a teenager, the beardy guys did nothing for me. I was subjected to enough country type music from the only radio station I could receive. (Spurs Fan continues to baffled by the amount of country that I absorbed when doing homework. While the Essex boys were singing along to The Jam, I had Paschal Mooney and Make Mine Country for hours every week. I undoubtedly learned more about country music than I ever did about physics…)

In my early 30s, re-evaluating life, missing the old man, missing my marriage, missing ‘what life was supposed to be like’, The Band came back into my conciousness. Harmonies, great musicianship, tales of home and comfort and longing.

That led me to Gram Parsons and back to Emmylou. Americana. Alison Krauss. Gillian and Dave. Guys with beards and harmonies. Dolly as a voice, rather than simply the persona. Thanks, old man.

And if you and Herself are actually somewhere, keep an eye out for Levon from the Band– he joined your company yesterday.

In my world, a small step in the right direction… Spurs Fan is happy to go to see Ryan Adams with me tonight.


14 thoughts on “and all I got was his taste in music

  1. I love Ryan Adams, especially the album (does that show my age?) Gold, though I wouldn’t count him as Country Music
    Have a great time tonight.

    1. I’m sure it’s ok still to call albums albums, but don’t mention LPs. I wouldn’t call most of them (apart from Dolly!) very country, but I think they have that traditional background. I don’t listen to country radio anymore either; not since the reception improved 🙂

    1. Andra! This is my favourite of all his great songs. He opened with this and it was wonderful, spellbinding. If I’d had to go home just after that, it would have been ok. Fabulous.

    1. I love a good potter round YouTube, listening to the same song over and over, on a hunt for the best version. It drives everyoine else mad 😉

  2. I love The Band…but then I love all things Dylan. I’ve been playing “Before the Flood Live” all day, and thinking that it’s time to dust off some “albums” and enjoy. I really enjoyed the story behind the story of how you came to appreciate this treasure trove of musicians. And I hope the concert was great, of course! Debra

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