any spare oomph?

This week I have

  • published what should have been rough first drafts
  • put notes and doodles, but not sentences, in a notebook
  • kept forgetting to send emails
  • failed to understand what the postman brought
  • sat through two days of dancing competitions
  • didn’t quite get lost on the way home
  • opted out of the rare disease get together
  • opted out of coffee and pottering with Grannymar and Blackwatertown
  • slept a lot
  • gone on a not walking wander with, you guessed it, GM and BWT
  • went to wonderful Ryan
  • bought a book
  • threw bleach around cleaned the bathroom
no, it's not relevant, but it makes me smile

Actually, it looks more purposeful listed; it doesn’t seem like quite such a wash out, despite the opt outs and the brain fog. Even ‘failed to’ can masquerade as an achievement at first glance when it’s got a bullet point. Interesting format point…

Still, though, if you happen across any oomph, I’d really appreciate it. Then I can tell you more about the notes, Ryan and the not walking wander.


14 thoughts on “any spare oomph?

  1. My legs are six inches shorter after a few hours of pottering, you were lucky we didn’t land up for coffee – we were close! I also managed to find a few sculptures.
    Rest plenty and we can ‘Do coffee’ another day…… when my legs recover. 😉

  2. My oomph comes and goes from day to day depending on my erratic body chemistry. Sometimes I’m busting with it, so I’ll siphon some off and send it to you. As long as it doesn’t all leak out of the parcel on the way. It’s very elusive stuff.

  3. Congratulations. That list makes me tired just looking at it. And your choice of events is lovely. If I come across any oomph – I’m a little lacking it myself – I shall courier it on over with all speed.

  4. Sometimes it’s best to sit down, take stock and write the list. We do so much sometimes without even noticing it or counting it as important. Now I probably should go clean my bathroom. 😉

  5. You are reasonably productive given you can’t find your oomph! Energies come and go…I hope you don’t get too down on yourself when you need to rest–keep your eyes on those two precious girls. They are the best reason to take care of yourself…and when your “oomph” returns, do tell us about Ryan 🙂 Debra

  6. The photo makes me smile too, and however much you do is quite enough. We like you oomphful and oomphless, but if it pleases you I hope you’ll be full of fizz soon.

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