the secret to looking good

Blogging makes me a better observer of my world. I try to find a story in the everyday; to find the humour in the mundane; to value what goes on around me.

Last year I started to take photographs. Some of you may remember that photography used to be an expensive thing to get wrong. I never learned how to get it right. Now, I keep the camera about and pretend the worst shots never happened. I’m getting into the habit of taking pics where once I’d simply have been too self concious to even try.

When going out for a walk at the weekend (a regular trundle by the river when I have the energy) I came back in to lift the camera. Why? “Because I look better when I have the camera…”

the ultimate accessory

Think, people, of all the money I could have saved on hair gunge, skin ungents and face colour inners. I need not give weightwatchers any more money for meetings. I don’t have to buy flattering clothes, or leg extending shoes.

All I need to do is carry the camera.

No need to thank me for this wisdom; some secrets are meant to be shared.


9 thoughts on “the secret to looking good

  1. Hey dude you are looking very professional can we hire your uncovered skills on the Peace Bridge?? It’s worth a coffee (or little tipple ) in the Exchange ! Promise ! x

  2. I love your description of photography, my £5 in Jessops every month with a free film in return habit used to drive my parents’ nuts. Now I can take millions more photos and, as you say, pretend the bad ones never happened! You look very pretty in that photo. Cameras don’t have the same effect on me unfortunately! 😉

  3. I love your photo! You personality comes through and your sense of fun is visible! That’s much better than face fillers, Fiona. So I think you’re on to something big! And I completely understand what you mean about blogging opening our eyes to observe the every day differently. It sure has for me! I love checking in with you, Fiona. You always have something to say:-) Debra

  4. Oh no, here come the Stranmillis paparazzi!

    I’ve never been one for taking photos, they so often don’t do justice to the original. I prefer to just soak up my surroundings.

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