let’s go for a little walk


25 thoughts on “let’s go for a little walk

    1. That’s it. I’d never heard of Ghost Bikes before I happened across that one. Hugely impressive. The Brother tells me they’re very unsettling for cyclists though…

  1. We do not always appreciate what we have. Although you seem to. I used to love going for walks and seeing the pics made me remember what I am missing. Must get motivated to take at least a short walk on most days. The ghost bike – such a sad and touching reminder of a tragic incident.

  2. Wonderful pictures. When I lived in Stranmillis, I loved walked along the river. And what is that lovely bird? A stork? A cormorant?

    The bike is a memorial for Michael Caulfield who was killed on the Ormeau Road in April 2011. He was in collision with a delivery lorry.

  3. Beautiful water birds! I don’t know exactly what they are, but they are striking! My favorite days include water and cameras! You make the ordinary special, Fiona! The ghost bike…how really sad. Debra

    1. Girl1 is very proud of those shoes, and was very entertained when Nana asked the shop lady for laces (they have hefty elastic under the tounge)

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