the illustrators

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get post that looked like this?

How cheery it would be if the bills and catalogues and circulars were disguised with charm.

It would almost be a pity to open an envelope that looked like this one.

The envelopes are part of an exhibition I got to see a while ago. Curated by Julia Donaldson (if you have small people in your life you’ll be familiar with her work), it’s a collection of some of the illustrations from her books.

Variety, humour, colour, pathos, love; all captured wonderfully. I can’t do them justice.


When I was there, there were a few toddlers sitting on floor cushions playing with the books while their grown ups admired the pictures on the walls. You may agree that they had the right idea.

I enjoyed the illustrations, but the exhibition made me want to read the books; not even I would attempt to wrest them off the small people.

Authors and illustrators in collaboration; the product is greater than its component parts.


17 thoughts on “the illustrators

  1. Such beautiful post. I hereby vow that no envelope shall leave my house henceforth without at least one cheery sticker. How eagerly the Revenue Commissioners will await my large and frequent cheques.

  2. Julia Donaldson’s Gruffalo is known by heart by all my grandchildren, and many of the others too. The Snail and the Whale, and Tiddler, are favourites. But they have (nearly) grown out of them, thanks for the reminder

  3. One of the cool things about reviewing children’s books on the blog with my daughter is that we get to spend time thinking about how the illustrations fit with the story – you’re right, the end product is greater than the combined parts!

  4. Great envelopes.
    Right! I’m going to start doing that too – especially the long man with the stamp head.
    That’s if I can still afford stamps.

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