restorative shopping

I was a bit panicky. I was anxious. There was no obvious reason, just a mood that took on a life of its own.

The regular reader and I agreed that I needed to simply look after myself a bit. I backed away from expectations and went on a mosey round town. I went to the new arts centre, and was underwhelmed. I need to go back another day, when I’m ready to be enthused by concrete and lack of direction.

Instead I went shopping. Isn’t my subconcious remarkably unsubtle?

Yes, people, when I needed to look after myself I bought cushions. Soft, supportive, cuddly cushions.

When I’ve been thinking of my parents a lot, I buy something with a huge red phone box on it- a cipher for their work, how much of my childhood was shaped by the family business.

I bought some boring, predictable t-shirts and the ultimate comfort garment, a cardigan.

I bought a bag. Well, of course I bought a bag. I probably didn’t even need to tell you that.

Weight Watchers crackers: I’m trying not to comfort eat like crazy.

Cheapy cups and bowls. When in doubt, buy crockery- or at least plastic outdoorsy versions.

After all that, my subconcious took me off for big coffee and lunch of a cheese and ham panini.

I looked at my plate and at my shopping, and laughed at the predictability of it all. Mind you, comfort shopping- or maybe it’s the ability to laugh at myself- works.

The anxiety is easing, for now.


15 thoughts on “restorative shopping

    1. One of my favourite children’s books is about a baby owl trying very hard to be fierce ‘I am NOT cute’. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  1. I’m glad you weren’t taken in by concrete and lack of direction. Polka dots are less edgy and highbrow, but fundamentally better.

  2. You inspire me. I am trying to take off a few – maybe 20 – pounds – too. Since the USA trip I have taken up dancing, informally when no-one is watching, anywhere, everywhere, but especially when I think longingly of that comfort tin in the corner of the kitchen cupboard. Who’s to know and any therapy will do the job. Find your own direction… or enjoy being cuddled by those cushions.

  3. Yay! I can comment again…….and I love the owl cushion, Fiona. Sometimes, buying a few things is exactly the trick for my mood. I bought several gifts today, and it felt awesome to be able to select something exotic for friends. Good on you for nibbling on the Weight Watchers crackers and staying on track.

  4. I’m currently unsafe in posession of a credit card.
    But, hell, no one ever bankrupted through posession of soft furnishings!
    They’re lovely.

  5. Isn’t the subconscious wonderful!!!! It directs us so unerringly towards what we want to do!! And – what else can we do but obey????

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