an adventure starts

I like where we live. Within walking distance of most of the ‘attractions’ of the small city, but by the river, the park, space. The primary school is in the next street, with a corner shop between here and there. The bank, library and a nice futtery wee shop are about 10 minutes away. We have easy access to sports clubs, a choice of large supermarkets as well as a shopping centre.

But, sometimes, my heart yearns for the wilderness, the wind and the sea. I need to gasp in awe at nature. My soul needs boosted by less than city streets and manicured parks. It calls for the raw emptiness beyond the dry stone walls and the lambs. I want to be away from streets and shops and people. I can even do without the internet (maybe). I see where some of my bloggy buddies live and I whimper.

I want mountains and the ocean. I want isolation. I want beaches. I want beauty.

“All very nice and pretty, Speccy,” I hear you cry, “but where’s the adventure? What’s going on? Have you led us here under false pretences?”

Would I do that? Look! (but not at the fabrics)

The McSpec property portfolio is expanding. Not only a mid century semidetached in sunny south Belfast, but also a hulking lump of tin in the wilds of Donegal. We’ve got us a caravan.

City kids head west. No wifi. No corner shop. No satellite tv (until the man next door tells us how). Instead, the emptiness and the sea. They haven’t lived until they’ve been stuck on a sodden caravan site in Donegal.

The price we pay for the luxury of throwing some stuff (some of you will have recognised the added bonus of shopping opportunities) in the boot and heading off on a whim.

The things a cruel mummy does to get a view once in a while…


17 thoughts on “an adventure starts

  1. Well, as a fellow occupant of these islands I am excited and very impressed. The fabrics are out of this world. But I know the power of such an escape for a family. That act of putting the cases in the boot and driving somewhere to recharge the spirit – it’s priceless. I celebrate for you tonight: the same day Phil has booked our holiday cottage on the beach on the Kent coast. Be it ever so humble….

  2. Aaahhh the wide open spaces. Did you not just think of watching some re-runs of Laramie??? But – away from it all, in the midst of the mountains, near the sea, isolated from the internet – sounds very peaceful. And they’ll all be soooo grateful for the comfort of home afterwards!!! You see – multi-faceted planning!!!

  3. Yes! Good for you! I’m delighted to imagine what a caravan will do for lifting the spirits, brightening the view, and just being so good for your overall well-being. The added benefits of shopping sprees is not all that bad an investment either, Fiona. I see lots of wonderful photos on some upcoming posts, but the ones you’ve added here are just about perfect already! I’m happy for you! Debra

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