I need a good list. I’ve got To Do pages in a filofax (old skool, me) which include ‘iron’, ‘make soup’ and ‘clean bathroom’ along with ’email journalist’ and ‘write for NIRDP’. I don’t quite need one that says ‘clean teeth’, but I’m not far from it.

I’m actually having fun with lists right now.

Fun? Really? Are you sure you’re still taking the tablets?

Oh yes; caravan related fun. A whole new space for me to populate with paraphenalia. I’ve got an especially labelled ‘caravan’ notebook, prominently displayed so that Spurs Fan can’t say I never tell him anything.

Who knew that writing ‘bin’, ‘basin’ and ‘blankets’ could be so exciting? Thanks to Pretty Far West I have a huge amount of small matching storage items about to be put to good use. There’ll be cushions and rugs and cups and candles, and I’m sure there’s bunting in a drawer somewhere that could come out…

Of course, a list and a diary are only good when I actually look at them. Just yesterday morning I discovered that I missed an event the previous night, and that stuff I was meant to do by 8 May remains unconsidered. Oops.

Maybe it’s time to investigate the technology in my pocket and set reminders. I’m sure a small child can show me how to create a beep or a buzz to say ‘read that document’ or ‘talk to that person’. That sounds like something that would be good for me and my brain fog, don’t you think?

I must write it down.


22 thoughts on “lists

  1. The difficulty later becomes that the lists become so long that it’s demoralisimg when they never get completed! But maybe you’ll be more successful than me in that respect!

  2. Try Evernote. When you encounter something worth remembering ( thought, webpage, picture etc) record it to Evernote and it’s synced on both your computer and your phone. Tag items as “Caravan” and filter to a nice list 🙂

  3. Lists are the only thing that keep me sane! I keep mine in A5 diary – use different coloured pens for each of the 4 sections of my everyday life. Its ridiculously specific but without it I couldn’t function ….. And oh yes, yellow post it notes, the best thing ever!

  4. I am hopeless at remembering to put out the bin and sometimes add the reminder ‘Bin’ to my Blackberry. Closest I shall ever get to being an executive type.

  5. Avoid the beeping reminder thingies at all costs, Fiona. They caused me so much stress and anxiety, not to mention missed appointments, that I largely leave my phone on silent all the time these days. I keep things on my calendar, and I check it a couple of times a day. That way, I can see when I completed tasks, too.

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