is it possible I was wrong?

Spurs Fan hates to throw things out. Our roof space is full of obsolete (‘Can you remember if that’s just ancient or did it break?’) equipment, curly teaching notes and cassette tapes. Despite regular small clear outs of books, clothes and random bits, we still take up a lot of space. Every so often I suggest getting a skip and Spurs Fan, equally horrified each time, maintains that ‘You never know when we’d need that…’

But now? Well, who needs a skip when there’s a caravan? The mug collection in the garage just needs a wash; the green plastic chairs, a wee dust. Mismatched crockery in the attic? Come on down! Unwrap all those blankets from round the hotwater tank!  Some readers may even recognise the red handled cutlery from the 1980s that reappeared yesterday. Have I been collecting for a caravan for years without realising it?

blankets, rugs and beach towels
yes, that is a Winnie the Pooh hot water bottle
One of those mugs was from the Millenium Dome. We may have been the only people to visit.

Of course, I’m all of a sudden wondering about where the cushions went, or the utensil pot, or the boring bedding. Did I really manage to sneak those off to the charity shop when Spurs Fan wasn’t paying attention? Well, that turns out to be inconvenient.

Also, sometime I gave away clothes that would fit now. If only I had faith in WeightWatchers, the call of the wild and myself. Happily, Spurs Fan is a better person than I, and won’t say ‘I told you so’ too often.

I hope.


23 thoughts on “is it possible I was wrong?

    1. Nick, I’d be buried under the football paraphenalia and the useless equipment- I’m beginning to think he may be buried under blankets, mugs and books…

  1. You have set me thinking…. I have a set of bone handled fish knives and forks….. and a country rose tea set, it is bl**dy unbreakable….. I have been trying for thirty five years!! 😉

  2. We have a few wee things lying around the house here that you could come and take your pick of! (or fill your car with). And, as you know, we’ll soon have a fairly unmatched selection of holiday reading that you may wish to deposit in the caravan for the odd rainy day in Donegal!!

  3. I think it must be very fun for you to outfit your caravan. I’m afraid I have a habit of holding onto things that I think will one day be useful…if you lived closer, I’m sure I could fill in any gaps! I hope this new adventure brings you all so much happiness and time together as a family! Debra

  4. I can’t stand clutter! I have a personal rule, if I haven’t used it in over a year, and/or I forgot what was in that box under the bed, in the back of the closet, in a corner in the basement, etc, it has to go. And our house is so tiny we have no room to spare for that which isn’t being used. I solve my problem by holding a garage sale every year. Leif used to be against them, until he saw me make more in one day of a garage sale than in a whole week of work. Of course, not all our garage sales are that profitable, but they are worth the time, and the money even encourages the spud to let go of old toys. On the other hand, it makes me think, “What was I thinking? Why the heck did I buy this stuff in the first place?”

  5. Dawnriser – I remember Winnie too! I’m with Spurs Fan on the not throwing anything out EVER! I think I need Janie to sort the clutter out..

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