kids of steel

You may think that our girls are cute and cuddly and smiley. You’d be right.

You may think that our girls are stubborn and determined and just a little fierce. You’d be right.

You may think that our girls are clever and caring and all roung good eggs. Yeah, that too.

“Kids of Steel”, though? You probably hadn’t considered that, given that they are human rather than robotic.


Kids of Steel (I like to say this with a pose and matching voice) is a junior introduction to the sport of triathlon- a 60m swim, 1k cycle and 400m run. Girl1 will turn up on Friday with a swimming costume, towel, trainers and shorts and just go-go-go. She was surprised to learn that she owned cycling shorts- you know the black ones you wear under your dancing dress- and so is ahead in the fashion stakes already.

My mind is a little boggled. The Brother has been a triathlon geek for twenty years. It’s hard work.

It’s a fast growing sport, undoubtedly boosted by the Kids of Steel (Have you got the voice yet?). Girl1 is determined and hates to lose, so we’re encouraging her to set a Personal Best to compete against the next time.

The next time? How could we ever find out where there is a next time? If only there was some sort of central website run by the Brother…


20 thoughts on “kids of steel

      1. What a wonderful idea! The inside story of what it felt like in the lead up, the event, and then when it was all over! I look forward to reading about it.

  1. Whaaaaoooo!!! Maybe a few of us should take some lessons on ‘how to… active’!!! My consolation – she’s probably already been brain-washed by ‘the uncle’ during your visits to him!

      1. Xtrekki – yes, we few who have things to do in Oct need some lessons on “how to be …active” from Girl1 & the brainwashing uncle,

  2. Just excellent! Anything that encourages kids to try new physical stuff and get active is good in my book. So how come you haven’t caught your brother’s triathlon mania? 😉

  3. I think this sounds great. Any time we can actively pursue our personal best it’s a day to celebrate! I wish we could be there to cheer her on in person, but I hope she really believes that we are celebrating her commitment and effort! I sure am! Debra

    1. Debra, I love that thought- “Any time we can actively pursue our personal best it’s a day to celebrate!” 🙂 I must use that one, thank you

  4. This is beyond impressive. In awe at Girl1’s sporting prowess & can do spirit. What an accomplishment to be a kid of steel! Does that make you some kind of a metallic mum?

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