don’t be fooled

Looking good, Belfast! But what did the weather lady say?

“Wrap up warm. Ignore the calendar.”

Oh yes, those of you with seasons, it’s freezing.

We had a mild winter. We were happy. We stopped being happy about two months ago when it hadn’t got any warmer. The May Bank Holiday was colder than Christmas Day. I’m still wearing tights and boots and scarves. I bought a really cool summer dress in a smaller size. It’s too cold to wear it. My toe nails remain unpolished. I haven’t even braved the annual ‘gradual tan’ disaster. There is still frost. I light the fire most evenings.

We are bringing lots of layers to the caravan.


22 thoughts on “don’t be fooled

  1. Somebody will have to remind me what “summer” means as I haven’t experienced it for such a long while. Apparently warmth and lack of rain is involved.

  2. Fiona, I had no idea crape myrtles would grow that far north. I used to have a deep pink one like that in front of my old house. I love the Victorian greenhouse, too. Lovely pictures. I’d bundle up and go for a ramble with you any time.

  3. I know! And the light in the late evenings is deeply disorientating! I am still walking around in a winter coat and it is the light of late May. I am bemused, Fiona….

  4. After the winter of 2010, I was willing to trade a mild winter for a soggy summer. Happy with Winter 2011 at the time but not so keen on this trade now. Tell us about your new summer dress since we’re never going to see it.

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