power play

One cat.

Four squawking magpies.

Stand off.

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14 thoughts on “power play”

  1. Normally. I’d want the magpies to win but I’ve gone right off them since I saw them bully some pigeons and kill a starling. Better luck next time, cat!

  2. Amazing photos! Can I just tell you that I got excited seeing a Magpie! I’ve never seen one, Fiona! A bird featured in novels and children’s books through the ages and I’ve never seen one! I had no idea they were so large. A very impressive bird…and the cat is no slouch either. Loved this! Debra

  3. Did I tell you about the time a cat attacked a magpie in my back garden. But the cat was getting attacked by another bird? And I didn’t know whether to resue the bird or the cat or just salute because of all the bad luck being generated?
    I threw water over the lot of them.

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