dancing, differently

There’s always something going on here. Dance classes. A competition. Stretching. Learning new steps and routines. Making up steps. Asking me for my opinion…

This week, things were different. Even my untrained eye recognised that I wasn’t seeing Irish dancing or ballet. There was too much lepping about and arm waving. Both girls were doing the same thing, teaching each other. What was going on?

Then I found the instruction sheet. Steps and ‘encouraging’ words; welcome, throw, canoe, welcome, lunge, catch, throw. Definitely not Irish dancing.

The Olympics are London 2012 is getting everywhere.



When I was writing, this came on the radio. Similarities?


18 thoughts on “dancing, differently

  1. Tch tch, you used the word O——s. I thought that word was now copyright and only to be used by officially authorised O——s sponsors. Beware legal writs dropping through your letter box….

    1. My kids struggle to believe quite how old I am and how I remember music from the olden days. It’s totally beyond their comprehension. I’m 46 and, so, a dinosaur!

  2. You had a good ear to catch it so readily, Fiona! You’re so right. I hope the World Sport Week and dancing mascots make it my way! Haven’t heard any rumblings yet, but now I’ll at least be alert! 🙂 Debra

    1. Debra, there’s so much going on here with the O—-cs (thanks, Nick) and the Diamond Jubilee of QE2. Spurs Fan is anxious that the Euro 20102 football competition will get lost!

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