in a country graveyard

I’ve been a regular visitor here my whole life. Playing, tidying, watering, burying, praying.

I can’t remember the last time it was sunny and warm there, so I had to capture it as best I could (*weirdo taking photos in a cemetry* alert) but it’s always a beautiful spot.

Both parents, an aunt and uncle, one set of grandparents, a set of great grandparents, resting within feet of each other. This is where my dead are.

22 thoughts on “in a country graveyard

  1. I love your proprietorial feeling towards this place. I’d love somewhere that personal to be buried. These days, our final trip is to a great impersonal conglomeration on the edge of town.

    1. Goodness only knows where I’ll end up- an impersonal conglomeration where they’ll need a map to find me does seem most likey!

  2. I am very fond of taking pictures in cemeteries, too, Fiona. Despite the fact that I live in such a large and rather urban part of the country, my great-grandparents, grandparents and my husband’s parents, too, are all buried within a very short drive. We typically decorate their graves at Easter, but I also go from time to time to contemplate. It would be very meaningful to have them all in one place, I think. Your sunshine day was very special, I’m sure. Debra

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