the obituarist

People! We know this guy! Paul A. Waters (I don’t know, but I’m thinking Anthony or Aloysius- feel free to add suggestions below) is our bloggy buddy Blackwatertown. I enjoy his writing and his company, and am not so secretly chuffed that he referred to me as a ‘health campaigner’ on twitter. ‘Health campaigner’ sounds more impressive than ‘mouthy lay-about’, don’t you think?

The Obituarist is full of derring- do, tall tales and an underlying tension. Straight backed army chaps with twirly moustaches, double barrelled surnames and stiff upper lips contrast with the up and coming journalist. There’s drink, and its effects.  There’s jealously, a friendship of sorts, and the wondering- who is going to pull a fast one? It’s crime, black humour, and old fashioned good fun. Conveniently for those of us with a Kindle, it can now be downloaded from amazon and other ebook retailers.

Buy. Read. Enjoy.

9 thoughts on “the obituarist

  1. I’m a kinder without a Kindle, maybe next time I go to Elly’s I’ll ask politely if she will allow me to add it to hers. It would keep me quiet and out of harm for the duration. What do you think?

    1. I have a notion that one of the sites would let you download a printable version- a real book.
      Out of harm or out of trouble?

  2. I love book suggestions, and have been enjoying adding new friends through blog authors! And I came close to spitting out my coffee when you mentioned “mouthy lay-about.” I’ll call you a health activist…I like that better than reformer. It has an edgy sound that fits you! 🙂 Debra

  3. Hey! That’s me! Thank you.
    And interesting about the friendship bit – hadn’t considered like that before, but you’re right.
    And now I’m wondering whether I should reveal what the mystery middle initial stands for. I suppose it would be rude not to. It’s Aidan. (Seems odd seeing it written down. No longer my secret name.)

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