summer surprise

I do remember summers in the past. It just feels like we haven’t had one in years. Not too long ago I was telling you how cold it was. Then, suddenly, woosh- summer. Days of sunshine and heat. Bare legs and arms. Factor 50+. A deckchair in the shade. An excuse to abandon all pretense at housework. The time to start reading The Hunger Games trilogy.

What do you mean there are plenty of other things to do?

This could be it for us, these few days could be the whole of the summer; we need to make the time to enjoy it.

We were in Donegal at the weekend. It’s wonderful to be reminded that, underneath the clouds and the mizzle, is the Ireland of the picture postcards. Around every corner, along every bend in the road, there is a view to drop the jaw. The colours were vibrant and deep. Indigos and all shades of green replaced the greys and browns and sludges. Dazzling sun, sparkly water and bleached out scenes. And we were there.

That impulsive, totally ridiculous caravan buying? The best idea we’ve had.


15 thoughts on “summer surprise

  1. Looks fabulous! And wise move to make lots of time to read the Hunger Games. I liked them a lot.

  2. I like you ‘tude’. Abandon pretense and enjoy the good weather. Life is fleeting, so why not indulge. And it’s calories free for the most part.

  3. Love the photo of the girls but that third photo is brilliant. Abandon house work – works for me.

  4. soon I’m taking two weeks off work. See what that’ll do to the weather! You’re right to make the most of it.

  5. Haven’t been to Donegal for a long while. I think we’ll try to persuade our Canadian cousins to pay a visit when they come over later in the summer. If the summer hasn’t been and gone, that is.

  6. And yet you missed a great day in Belfast and a fun booksale. Just to head up to Donegal……. Well – probably a good call after all!.

  7. Absolutely the best! Your girls will have such lifelong memories of this kind of fun, and that is what makes for a good solid life, Fiona. I think the caravan was a great purchase…impulsive can be exceptional! Love the photos…especially the one with the shoes. 🙂 Debra

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