what the post brought

On closer inspection, it’s more like a starship trooper than Wham.

Torch by Girl2

Spurs Fan will be carrying the torch on Tuesday 5 June, in Banbridge. According to the letter, he’ll be starting at approximately 5.59pm. He has to be somewhere else to get a bus and be part of the convoy from 2.40pm. The chances of keeping that outfit clean? Nil.

In big non fashion news, Girl1 was accepted to the school of choice. All those months of anxiety (her), hair pulling (a deeved Spurs Fan), and huffing and complaining (yes, that one was me) had the desired result. There was great excitement. The teeniest pupiltobe at the big schoolΒ is very chuffed.

Adventures. Adventures.


26 thoughts on “what the post brought

  1. Congratulations to Girl1 on gaining her place, may she have years of adventure, fun and learning over the next seven years there.

    Hubby suits the outfit and the Torch really finishes off the look. Could he use that one on the day? I am sure it would be a great hit.

  2. Wow all great news Fiona. Congratulations to you all on all these great achievements – always sunshine after rain. Enjoy every minute.x

  3. So glad about the school – now she can settle in to looking forward to it all. Re 5th – it will be nice that someone ‘I know’ will be involved in all the 2012 stuff – best wishes to both

  4. Send him off with a packet of baby wipes for non-disastrous spills and a pack of face wipes for stains. And how can 5:59 pm be approximate?! πŸ˜‰ PS. I’m glad that she got her school place, it’s so stressful. πŸ™‚

  5. Have to say the Olympic Torch leaves me completely cold, but if you’re an enthusiast then actually carrying it is quite something, I guess. I confess I shall go and watch as it makes its way down Belmont Road on Sunday, since it’s so close to our house….

    Glad to hear Girl1 has got into the school she wanted. More than I did!

    1. The torch itself isn’t the thing for me- it’s about Spurs Fan having a moment in the sun. I’ll just have to bite my tounge about all the corporate crap that goes with it πŸ™‚

  6. Wonderful news! Wishing Girl1 all the best. Fantastic to know what next year is going to look like. Vaguely. And the torch…ooooh…..will be tuning in to watch, you know! All the best to Spurs Fan!

  7. Loving Girl2’s torch. And Spurs Fan wears the Starship Trooper look well – hope to see his torchbearing exploits in Banbridge. 5.59? Approximate? Loads of congratulations to Girl1 on a big achievement getting into that big school!! And what a great postie you have.

  8. I just read Andra’s reply, and I think I’ll do the same. Can we claim a little of the excitement for ourselves? I’ll be telling everyone I KNOW someone carrying the torch. The’ll never ask for proof! Very exciting times for you all, I can hear. I’m delighted that Girl1 has been accepted to the school of her choice. That is a big deal! Debra

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