where do you get your inspiration?

Spurs Fan spent part of Tuesday on a mini bus with other torchbearers, and was gobsmacked by their stories. The woman who was paralysed by a car accident, and went on to become a kick-boxing champion. The Olympic swimmer. The man who cycled miles there and back to run marathons, and who missed out on the 1956 Olympics on a technicality. The young carers who look after their mum. The torchbearers are the stars of the relay- forget the celebs or local Z list media types who are there to make sure there is coverage of the event. If you live in GB and the torch goes round your way, consider those thousands of regular folk who, in their own ways, are inspirational.

The world is full of ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances. We all know some.

Earlier this year, three local families agreed to take part in short films about living with rare disease. These are their, gobsmacking, stories.




17 thoughts on “where do you get your inspiration?

  1. As you say, Fiona, ordinary people in extraordinary situations: hard to face the crippling fear of what might happen to someone you love if you are not there for them. And interesting that each has the same requirements: the need for joined up thinking between different agencies, and for there to be expertise about the conditions which have so devastated their lives. Thanks for sharing these. I know more than I did half an hour ago.

    1. When a group of patients and charities first got together last year, it was amazing how much there was in common- that’s when we decided to set up the rare disease partnership. Everyone has their own issues, but there are some things we can lobby for together.

  2. That ‘world’, we all share, has a multitude of ‘extraordinary ordinary’ existing in plain view, still most situations remain left or right of centre to our line of sight. They, you, see the true reality when conditions happen without prejudice. And the only choice or option is to battle what seems insurmountable circumstances. True warriors for humanity.

    High fives to the ‘Running Man’. Without his efforts, the insightfulness you just poignantly weaved would probably have not been written. Everything happens for a reason, does it not.

    Glues Gobsmacking into the list -yet another word I have learned from you.

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