grown up

I’m going to a conference on Monday. A fancy, government conference. In Dublin. I’m going international. Get me.

Getting my priorities right, the wardrobe is sorted. A respectable wrap dress, and shoes with a bit of a heel. I was pleased that my choices fitted with what Alison suggested: maybe I have more style sense than I thought.

I’ve never been to one of these before. I’ll need a prop. Something to give me confidence. Something to hide behind, if necessary. Something to fool others into thinking I know what I’m about. Something big enough to hold the papers. One of these, for instance…

As luck would have it, I paid a visit to the Mulberry outlet at Bicester Village a few years ago, and hyperventilated when one was available, for about a third of its normal retail price. So, I’m sorted for a prop.

Dress sorted.

Shoes sorted.

Handbag sorted.

Papers printing right now. (Must read papers.)

I’m even getting a lift!


There’s only one problem…

I’m to meet my colleague at 6.30 am.

Is that a real time?


18 thoughts on “grown up

  1. Farmleigh. Woo Hoo!
    Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 stayed there last year & President Obama met with Prime Minister Enda Kenny there too. Nothing but the best for our speccy. Go wow them.
    I am green with envy. Please say hi to Dublin for me.

  2. To be a totally legit attendee of course you have to have a fancy name badge saying something like Felicity Slingback, Chief Executive, Bigtime plc; a fancy 40 page colour brochure for your organisation; and an entourage of ten colleagues to give you professional back-up. Otherwise you’re obviously just one of the freeloading riff-raff.

    Make sure you pick up all the latest gossip about the floundering Irish economy.

    1. Nick, IE says I’m classy- I can’t be riff raff! I’ve got leaflets (a bit curly from the rain at the torch relay) so I’m sure I’m legit…

    1. Spurs Fan laughs everytime he thinks of me up, washed, made up, and presentable by that hour. Never mind being expected to string words together…

  3. It’s not a real time. But that also means you don’t have to wake up. I can walk around fairly well despite postponing the properly waking bit till some time later.

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