doing nothing?

We’re having a weekend doing nothing. No long drives to the caravan. No visitors. Just quiet, ourselves.

Well, apart from the sponsored dance the girls did all yesterday morning.

And Spurs fan writing reports.

I had a walk, followed by an afternoon nap.

A night out for one, with football types.

A night in for the other, with wine and a book.

Home and away Gaelic football matches.

Laundry. The sun is out, so it might even get dry.

Preparing for the week ahead- conference Monday, fundraising with the torch on Tuesday, conference Thursday (whose life is this anyway?)

Oh, need to think of something to say seven times- to all the year groups in the primary school- to children about rare diseases for Tuesday.


Really, what fool thought that would be a good idea?

Sometimes my mind runs away with itself, and leaves the rest of me struggling.

Canย I go back to doing nothing?


6 thoughts on “doing nothing?

  1. Nope!

    Fingers crossed for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    (I have spent a whole morning doing the paperwork for the poetry reading I’m involved with. EW, look at the time! )

  2. In answer to your last question no but rather you than me. Am I going to a conference on Thursday? Well there goes any plans for my old comfy jeans.

  3. I’m reading and getting “caught up” from a backwards position. We had the exact opposite of a “do nothing” weekend and I’m a bit exhausted. I think after all the activity you’ve been generating a quiet weekend was in order. I hope that worked out!! Debra

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