people from TV

Back in the black and white days, we all watched Blue Peter. Children still do. It’s on a different channel now and isn’t quite as mumsy as it used to be, but it’s still Blue Peter, a generation spanning behemoth of children’s television.

A few years ago, the McSpecs went on a tour of BBC Television Centre. We saw a newsreader, studios and the weather technology. Girl1 got to play with puppets; Girl2 was shy. There was a TARDIS. For Spurs Fan and I, by far the most exciting bit of the tour was the visit to the BPG- the Blue Peter Garden. We were there, in the real live actual Blue Peter garden, filled with memories of Petra and Percy Thrower.

Last year, both girls received coveted (by their parents) Blue Peter badges; they’d sent in pictures to welcome a new presenter. Wee pets.

These Blue Peter tales vanished into oblivion last week, pushed out of the way by actually meeting the actual hosts. The real live superwoman, the very awesome Helen Skelton and kind of cute Barney Harwood. We met Helen and Barney. And got autographs! And pictures! (Just a little excited…)

There was a sports day/ olympic themed event, with activities- track and field, tv presenting, assault course, mega bike riding, shows and ice cream eating. Fun, indeed.


Since multi tasking isn’t a bad idea, we got Helen, Barney and Nicky from Westlife to sign NIRDP t shirts when they were there. Coming to a raffle near you later this year…


21 thoughts on “people from TV

  1. How exciting for the girls! I’m not familiar with Blue Peter, but I can still understand how memorable this would be for all of you. Each of us has our particular children’s programming icons! Love the smiles! Debra

  2. That’s where the phrase, ‘Here’s one I made earlier,’ came from – the programme which kept pipe-cleaner and sticky backed plastic manufacturers in business!

  3. This, Fiona, is what they call in the blogosphere ‘ a coup’. Helen. AND Barney. Helen’s my hero: I would stampede past my own kids to get to her…fab post. I must show my kids!

    1. I was nearly afraid to speak to Helen in case I gushed too much- she is so fabulous! I just congratulated her on her engagement and tried not to boggle at the lovely ring 🙂

  4. Barney from Prank Patrol! The tardis is where the smokers congregate. The prank Patrol van used to be stashed just behind the wall there.

  5. I wrote to them once when they they doing thier annual appeal. That year it was for used stamps. i asked what they did with. Biddy Baxter claimed that all the stamps were sold on. i found that hard to beleive. Mind you i did get a signed photo of Sarah Green “Sigh”!

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