I  had a grand plan to show football tables from the EURO 2012 championships. Ha! No such luck. I can’t get any of them to show up properly on this post. (I think I need somebody to teach me how to use WordPress properly- I’m spending too much time doing things that don’t work). I may be close to despair.

In the absence of any tech skills, go here and look at the group tables, showing progress to date.




What do you mean, none of it makes sense? (There’s no need to comment on the performance of the Irish team, we have Roy Keane for that.)

I’ve been told it’s all very close and exciting. There’s a new rule which means that Greece qualify from Group A, although common sense would suggest it should be Russia. There were all sorts of mathematical computations being carried out across Europe last night, and presumably continuing until the group stages are over. Spurs Fan was at a fancy do where football fans bonded at the bar, doing sums.

        the dress code didn’t allow for pjs, so I stayed at home
The sharp-eyed amongst you will have spotted a large shiny trophy on the hearth. Spurs Fan’s hurling team won that on Friday, in a citywide tournament.
That game wasn’t close at all.

10 thoughts on “close

  1. Anywya my interest in Euro 2012 has taken a swift nosedive with the exit of my only interest – Poland. I’ve been dreaming of how to spend the office sweepstake all week and no they’ve gone and got themselves eliminated!! I’m disillusioned in football! Definitely not worth getting out of pj’s!!!

  2. Oh my dear Fiona! I can’t even understand American football! I attended every high school football game for the four years my son played…and I stil could never follow the ball. I’m hopeless! But I’m excellent at cheering people on. I’ve often been chided for cheering on the “wrong” team, but I love enthusiasm! Good for Spurs Fan! See, I’m happy for him even though I have no idea what hurling is…but that’s why God invented google! Debra

    1. I hope you found some video, Debra. It’s fast! Probably not so much at primary level, but still, sticks waving about in the air, great skill. I rarely see hurling without gasping and wanting to cover my eyes like a wimp!

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