beautiful and chubby

Chubby sticks.

Lipstick in crayon format.

Like a twistable.

Worthy of investigation, surely?

If this was a television event I’d be marketing it to you as ‘LIVE’ because I’ve started to write the post without opening the product. You’re going to be getting reactions as they happen. Go on, at least pretend to be excited.

First off, how could anybody not like a product called ‘chubby sticks’? Being a stick insect is not required. It references cute, cuddly, non threatening. Accessible to all. Humour. It’s a crayon- fun, bright colours, easy to use.Β  Make up for real people.

Those who know say it’s a sort of mixture between a lipstick and a non sticky gloss. Marian raves about it. Her enthusiasm is infectious, so I was delighted to get a gift of, not one, but two chubby sticks and a rather cool wee pencil case for them to live in.

Clinique call these “moisturising lip colour balm”, and in truth, that’s what they feel like. Gentle, with colour. Soft. I’ve got neutral type colours that look like they will be easy to wear everyday. I don’t often need ‘statement’ type make up.

People, I’ve realised why I don’t do make up posts. A close up of anΒ unmade up face, with only a neutral coloured moisturising lip colour balm to hide behind… eek!

That feels so much more exposing than any amount of rambling about brain fog, gabbling about grieving or venting about volunteering.

Laugh long and loud. Enjoy. You may never get this chance again!


15 thoughts on “beautiful and chubby

  1. I’ve been interested about these ever since I watched those adverts! I was expecting them to completely tell me what they were! But great post, now my interest is definitely perked! Moisturising lip balm, with a splash of colour? Yes please πŸ˜€

  2. I saw these advertised the other day and was immediately sucked in…definitely buying them now. I hope you’re getting commission.

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