essential accessories

Some of you may think that, by definition, accessories are not essential.

You would be wrong.

Our new to us (ancient and unstylish) caravan will be accessorised to the hilt. The cream throws and colourful plastic may soon be more valuable than the van. Glasses, shapes that become ice ‘cubes’, cushions, all the types of fly killer. Speakers. I’d go mad without the speakers. Necessities, I tell you.

You didn’t really think I’d forget these again, did you?


21 thoughts on “essential accessories

    1. Aren’t they a wonderfful discovery?
      Yes, you’re right, those wee folk do need some room. Maybe I could do without the china dinner service?

  1. A welll-appointed caravant, Fiona! Might as well do it in stylle! Our little trailer has all the comforts off home, but the “appointments” are a bit dated! We’ve added all the home dwelling cast-offs through the years. You have me wondering if I don’t need a Target or Ikea run to update a bit! You have some lovely color accumulated to brighten the experience! Keys…we should have duplicates, too! Jay loses keys so easily! 🙂 Enjoy! Debra

  2. Fiona, call this idea stress but where is your wine bucket ? – very important for balmy sunny evenings in Donegal ! I can give you mine because (tears in eyes ) I haven’t got a caravan – ancient or otherwise to go to . I’m still working on it as you know.x

  3. Some lovely bits and pieces there. I can see why they’re essential! Personally I couldn’t live without all the beautiful paintings and bits of pottery we’ve collected on our travels over the years. Vital spiritual nourishment!

    1. The statement seems to be “we’re fun loving and vibrant; never mind the weather and the curtains” 🙂
      Alternatively, it could be “we got lured by the false promise of bright plastic and a caravan that’s seen better days” …

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