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I spend most of the day on my own. When I left work, the lack of sociable was the hardest to get used to. No water cooler, or shared kettle, around which to discuss celebrity gossip, fun tv programmes, or put the world to rights. Just me, all day, every day.

I happened across a blog. Then I clicked on some links and found some more. And more. Eventually, I was brave enough to comment, and interact with strangers.

I decided to explore Facebook, and found it to be a good way to keep in touch with people I actually know, but don’t see too often.

Then came Twitter. Hours vanished. News before it hit the presses. Gossip and comedy. Celeb types to follow, real people to interact with. I know all about the former political advisor who got upset because a screenwriter accepted an honour (a day out, a bit of bling, and less clout than a Blue Peter badge). I know what music I’m going to be listening to soon. I know who shouts too much. I even know what the glossy author turned high-profile politician has been doing – surely on behalf of her constituents?

I took the leap to become a blogger. I never dreamed that it would give me structure, purpose, confidence, connections. I was hoping for a bit of space to clear my head, to encourage me to tell stories, but blogging has done so much more for me.

It’s given me a spring to my step, the assurance that my voice deserves to be heard, friendship.

aren’t we looking good?

I’ve got the sociable back. Social media: it does what it says on the tin.

picture from Flickr

This is an entry to Sidey’s weekend theme ‘Social Media’– for last weekend!


23 thoughts on “social media

  1. Yes – blogging has done this for me too – more than any other of the social media. May you stay with the assurance your voice is so worth hearing

  2. I think at that moment, I have gotten more from reading others, than I contribute. However, we all, as you say, ‘trundle along’ at varying paces. Good blogs, an bloggers, seem to have a message or meaning, eluding to something else. The good ones, show little hubris; instead, function as beacons to thoughts, ideas and insightful ‘treasures’ that often go unnoticed or have purpose to enlighten us on a worthy cause. The ‘good ones’ always have ‘juice’ just under the surface.
    Me, Mine and Other Bits’ assuredly is in that ‘Class of’.

    1. Hudson, thank you. Praise indeed. I try not to be too trite, for this to be more than ‘I did… the kids did…’ – it’s nice to know that sometimes I get there 🙂

  3. The really tall one at the back looks like a guy in a wig, so I’m taking that to be me.

    You’re so right in what you say about blogging – it’s changed my life and I’ve found a whole lot of genuine friends, even though I’ll probably never meet most of them.

  4. I may have started on this journey with some different points of motivation, but I so completely agree with you, Fiona! Still trying to get the hang of Twitter, but I’m more and more sucked in! I am so glad to have met you through this crazy medium, and I count you a friend. It’s really quite amazing how we all connect somehow! 🙂 Debra

    1. The school holidays start here soon and I know I won’t be able to have so much time then (pesky real life people…) – I just hope you don’t all run off and have a big party without me 🙂

    1. Mona, I don’t say too much over at yours because I’m starstruck 🙂 You’ve been able to do so much 🙂 Blogging and cooking and house full and writing and creating- fabulous stuff!

      1. Ha ha… Just seeing this now…my house had runners over with kiddies ages 6 to 11 for the month of July and I am just NOW recovering from it. … No need for starstruckedness at all..I am floundering like a beached whale with all the worries of life and college and kids and parenting and husband-taking-care-of like everyone else x

  5. Oops! My comment disappeared as I was trying to post it. Serves me right for gallivanting off to Dublin for over a week and having fun with bloggers and meeting one from India! Have a wonderful summer and we will be here when you get back.

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